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Vision CQI engineering

Engineering is our strength.

At Vision Quality Components, we have the experience you require to design a custom material along with a process that will give you the best product for your application. Our Materials Engineer will help you choose the right powder metal mix to give your component the properties it needs, while ensuring the lowest possible cost. We will help your designers convert your parts to cost-effective powdered metal parts.

Vision has consistently been the best supplier partner for powder metal components throughout my career. They provide support from cradle to the grave and are very competitive on costs. Tapping into their technical expertise has driven our designs on multiple applications, allowing us to lower costs, increase feasibility and increase part quality. Even when non-feasible designs are presented, Vision will go the extra mile to re-engineer or use cutting edge technology to bring it back into the realm of reliability. Their vast knowledge in powder metal also helps us with material selection and possible form shapes that could be detrimental to density. I would not hesitate to suggest Vision as a key supplier in powder metal components and look forward to working with them in the future.

Alexandre G

Program Manager

Vision Quality Products, their name says it all, except for the words “World Class Partner.” They have the Vision to preempt my needs. Their Quality is exceptional. I wish all my suppliers were like them. A true pleasure to work with their team of professionals.

Andrew M

Purchasing Manager

Vision has quickly become one of our best suppliers. Their top-notch quality, responsiveness, on time delivery, technical knowledge, and attention to detail of critical components ensure we are able to deliver an excellent product to our customers around the world. All these things combined make it a pleasure to do business with Vision!

Eric N

Purchasing Manager

We had a new application that required a 30% increase in the strength of our gear for our hydraulic pump. We partnered with Vison Quality Components, Inc. to help us with this project. Their expertise in materials, processes, and quality helped us accomplish this project. Since then they have been our go to supplier for all our powdered metal components

Bill E

Senior Project Engineer

Vision Quality Components is simply the best powdered metal company I have ever worked with. Their customer service is easily the best in the business. Their ability to go above and beyond to meet your business needs is a welcome change in an industry not known for excellent customer service. The staff at Vision is friendly, helpful, and accommodating to all the requests I have made from them while working together. This is a company that leaves no question or email unanswered. Specifically, they typically get back to you in minutes not days which is incredible in a society that demands speed.

Besides their excellent customer service, the products they produce are of the highest quality with attention to detail in every step of the process. My products require specific weight which they are happy to accommodate by weighing samples all through the production process. They also will offer insight and suggestions on how to make my products better while also saving my company money along the way.

I would say Vision is one of the best powered metal companies in the industry. Their superior customer service and high-quality products make them a formidable company in the industry.

Mike R


Vision Quality Components is a leader in performance. They have demonstrated 100% on-time delivery, 0 PPM quality, and a willingness to provide continuous improvement ideas/savings on an annual basis during FY20. Vision is capable of managing complex components requiring secondary operations, with transparency to the end customer. Vision is a company with big ideas, who is easy to deal with, and wants to service their customers. If all our suppliers performed as well, then working in Supply Chain would be a piece of cake.

Nicholas S

Sourcing & Procurement Manager

I am an Engineering Development Manager for Plastic Injection molding and work with customers on projects that from time to time use Metal inserts including Stamped, Machined and Powder Metal (PM) inserts. For Powder Metal inserts our company works with a few suppliers with Vision QCI being one of them. The Engineering support along with cost are definite advantages Bob Aleksivich and Vision bring to the projects.

During the development phase there are times when our customers ask if the Metal insert designs are feasible for over molding in our plastic parts. Vision Engineering support is always very timely on a response to questions our customers have or our Engineering team may have as well. Vision is very transparent as far as design and feasibility goes and if needed changes are recommended that may allow the part to be used in our molding and the customer application. If a job is not feasible Vision gives a good explanation of what the concerns may be and if possible these concerns can be used with customer feedback to help come up with a design that might work in our end customer part.

The support from Vision is always very detailed and from time to time with this information we are able to help drive cost out of projects that can be a major factor in getting awarded programs when using PM inserts in an over mold application.

It is a pleasure to work with Vision QCI for all matters that pertain to Powder Metal insert projects.

Roger Z

Development Manager

I can describe Vision Quality Components Inc. with two words: Quality and Expertise.

In our industry you need suppliers you can count on for quality. We do an incoming inspection of all supplier’s shipments to verify they meet our specifications. Vision Quality Components, Inc. is spot on every time. They not only put quality in their name, but they also put it in their parts.

They have the expertise we need from a supplier to be able to engineer a product that has revolutionized the crossbow market so quickly. We were able to rely on them for material suggestions and ability to produce small complex parts with tight tolerances. You do not go from an unknown startup to a game changer unless your suppliers are game changers.

Preston F

Design Engineer/Quality Manager

Over the past 14 years I had the pleasure of doing business with Vision Quality Components in our industry that supports and produces door hardware, electronic entrance systems, interior glass systems, lodging systems, and safe lock products for complete security & access control solutions.

Vision Quality Components technical expertise in Powdered Metal is second to none and they continue to support our Sustaining and R&D Engineering Teams on many projects successfully and support VAVE activities which has led to improved product performances.

Along with that, Vision’s Team has provided continuous, competitive cost reductions for our many production parts along with outstanding part quality and always 100% On-Time delivery. The Vision Team is always responsive to expedite request to meet our customers’ requirements, without a doubt, the best in Customer Service.

The Vision Quality Components Team are true professionals, they care.

They are dedicated to make sure the customers’ requirements and all aspects of their specific project and expectations are met unconditionally.

Rick S

Strategic Buyer

We inspect for precision.

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