The Right Powder Metal Materials For Your Application

metal powders for pressing pm parts
You have your component designed. You know it will function mechanically in your assembly, but will the component hold up to the rigorous testing? Will the part go through the thousands of cycles without wearing out or fatiguing?

At Vision Quality Components Inc., we have the experience you require to design a custom material along with a process that will give you the best product for your application.

The right mix: Our Materials Engineer will help you choose the right Powder Metal mix to give your component the properties it needs, while ensuring the lowest possible cost.

We offer the following materials for providing the properties you require in your applications:

  • Pressed up to a density of 7.4 gms/cc
  • Excellent strengths, tensile to 210,000 PSI
  • Heat treated for exceptional wear, micro-hardness to RC 60
  • Cost Effective replacement for most machined wrought steel parts, iron cast parts, investment cast parts, copper infiltrated PM parts, and double pressed and double sintered PM parts
See VISION 736 MAX STRENGTH featured in Gear Product News magazine.
high strength gears made with alloy steel
stainless steel parts made with powder metal
Vision offers a wide variety of stainless steels:

  • 316 for outstanding corrosion protection
    Need Better? We use our High Temperature Type 316 for the best corrosion protection and high strength
  • 304 for general purpose applications
  • 303 for general purpose applications needing machining
  • Note:  400 series is available and can be heat treated, but the part structure must be simple shaped and without thin cross sections


For your non ferrous components, Vision offers brass and bronze materials:

  • 90-10 Brass
  • 80-20 Brass
  • 70-30 Brass
  • 90-10 Bronze
Other materials to choose from:

  • High temperature steels for higher strength and ductility
  • Carbon steels
  • Copper steels
  • Copper infiltration
  • Soft magnetic irons
Don’t see your material? Contact us and we’ll be glad to help!

Offering a Variety of Materials to Produce Your Products AND the Experience to Know What Material Is Best for Your Application!