Highly-Engineered Custom Powder Metal Parts Made in the USA.

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We produce parts from iron, high-strength alloy steels, and stainless steel.


Our quality standards are second to none.
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Lock components

Multi-Level Structural Components


Vision has consistently been the best supplier partner for powder metal components throughout my career. Tapping into their technical expertise has driven our designs on multiple applications, allowing us to lower costs, increase feasibility, and increase part quality. Even when nonfeasible designs are presented, Vision will go the extra mile to reengineer or use cutting edge technology to bring it back into the realm of reliability. Their vast knowledge in powder metal also helps us with material selection and possible form shapes.

Alexandre G

Program Manager

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We had a new application that required a 30% increase in the strength of our gear for our hydraulic pump. We partnered with Vison Quality Components, Inc. to help us. Since then, they have been our go-to supplier for all our powdered metal components.

Bill E

Senior Project Engineer

Vision’s technical expertise in powdered metal is second to none. Vision’s team has provided continuous, competitive cost reductions for our many production parts along with outstanding part quality and always 100% on-time delivery.

Rick S

Strategic Buyer

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