Powder Metal Gears Made in the USA

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fine pitch gears made from powdered metal

Fine Pitch Gears

Vision offers Fine Pitch Precision Gears for your Motion Control Applications in Gear Motors, Gear Actuators, Gear Reduction, and Gear Drives

  • Up to a AGMA Class 8 Spur Gear without machining
  • Up to a 60 Pitch
  • ID can be Round, a Spline, a Keyway, or D Shape, without broaching
  • Cluster Gears are also possible without machining or assembly
  • High Strength Alloy Steel can be heat treated for lasting wear
  • For applications needing maximum strength, ask about our high-strength gears made from VISION 736 MAX STRENGTH materials


powdered metal helical gears

Helical Gears

Vision Offers Specialty Helical Gears

  • Up to a 20 Degree Helical Angle without machining
  • High strength Alloy Steel can be heat treated for lasting wear

We had a new application that required a 30% increase in the strength of our gear for our hydraulic pump. We partnered with Vison Quality Components, Inc. to help us. Since then, they have been our go-to supplier for all our powdered metal components.

Bill E
Senior Project Engineer


powdered metal pump gears

Pump Gears

Cost Effective, High Strength, Precision Pump Gears from Powder Metal

Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel Pump Gears for Low and High Pressure Pumps

  • Heat treated for exceptional wear
  • Tensile strength up to 210,000 PSI
  • Because teeth are formed in precision die and NOT cut, part to part conformity is more precise than other processes
  • Machined in its entirety to meet your precision print tolerances


Not only can we make gears, but our personnel are skilled in inspecting the finished product to these tolerances.

hard turning cells for CNC machining
We inspect for precision.

Precision Machining

Precision Machined Pump Gears to Exact Tolerances

Typical Tolerances of Our Pump Gears:

  • Surface Finish RA 16
  • Inside Dia .0005″
  • Outside Dia .0005″
  • Thickness/OAL .0004″
  • Flatness .0002″
  • Parallel .0002″
  • ID to Face, ID to OD .0005″
  • ID to Pitch Dia .001″


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