Why Should You Consider Powder Metal Gears?


Reducing costs using powder metal

See how you can reduce costs when you use powder metal for your pump and metering gears in this issue of Gear Solutions magazine featuring Vision Quality Components.
Powder Metal Gears are being used in just about every industry which has a need for precision motion control such as: geared drives, speed reducers, various fluid movement in pumps, and transmissions or motors.

Materials available today, and associated process improvements, allows POWDER METAL GEARS to be used in applications of high strength, in applications needing long wear, and in applications needing part to part dimensional consistency . When you consider the above, and the possible cost savings of our high quality gears, you can see why many are turning to POWDER METAL GEARS to meet all their goals.

Considerations of Powder Metal Gears

  • Gear quality up to AGMA Class 8 possible without a secondary operation
  • Powder Metal Gears tooth forms are pressed in from a precision Die, we do not have the cost of shaving the teeth
  • Forming the gear tooth in a precision Die means excellent part to part consistency
  • The gear ID can have a spline shape, a keyway installed, a D- Shape, almost any shape without costly broaching
  • The gear tooth can be formed as custom as you like, and the root radius formed for maximum strength fully in the precision Die, no secondary needed
  • Helical gears are possible with up to a 20 degree helix angle
  • One piece flange and hub cluster gears are possible
  • Powder Metal Gears can be thru-hardened, and based upon the density and raw material type, also case hardened
  • For applications such as a Powder Metal PUMP GEAR, we can provide you with ready to use gears,  fully machined to extremely close tolerances and finishes
  • There is tooling needed, normally with short payback periods, and only a onetime charge, then Vision Quality Components maintains the tools for the life of the part
Vision Quality Components Gears


We had a new application that required a 30% increase in the strength of our gear for our hydraulic pump. We partnered with Vision Quality Components, Inc. to help us. Since then, they have been our go-to supplier for all our powdered metal components.

Bill E

Senior Project Engineer

Vision QCI Powder metal pump gears

Processing Our Gears:

  • We use precision CNC compacting equipment
  • Precision compacting tools capable of running many thousands of consistent quality gears
  • A custom production and quality control plan produced for every gear
  • Extensive training of quality and production personnel to make and inspect our gear products
  • Certifications are available to our Customers on raw materials used, heat treat properties, and finishes


Vision’s technical expertise in powdered metal is second to none. Vision’s team has provided continuous, competitive cost reductions for our many production parts along with outstanding part quality and always 100% on-time delivery.

Rick S

Strategic buyer

Powder Metal Gears can help you reach your cost reduction goals without sacrificing quality and strength.

Our Engineering can help you with a smooth changeover from your current higher cost method of manufacturing gears, to a high quality powder metal gear with annual quantities possible of 2,500-5,000 or to 500,000. For more information, look elsewhere on this website by choosing the following

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Let Your Next Move Be Made With a High Quality Powder Metal Gear.

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